We plan meetings, board retreats, conferences, events and tradeshows for U.S. and international clients in technical fields.

Creating Order Out of Chaos

We are a professional and creative team of individuals who loves to create order out of chaos! There are so many details involved with planning an event or meeting and we thrive on taking each one of those details and breaking it down into action plans, spreadsheets, and brainstorming exercises so that we can figure out how everything will run smoothly to the satisfaction of all concerned. Our job is to make our clients look good and for our attendees to walk away with having had their objectives met!

We are a corporate meeting management and event planning company based in Asheville, NC. Some of our clients are Fortune 500s, while others are non-profits. All come to us because we understand their industries, and we deliver pre-emptive customer service.

Over 20 years of corporate meeting management and planning gives us an edge, which in turn gives our clients full confidence in our skillful orchestration of their programs - from conception to execution.

Because your field is our forte, we save you time and frustration.

Because we've been at the top of the planning game for over two decades, we know how to cut fat from budgets.

That's right. We're sharp negotiators. When we approach the bargaining table– with hotels, venues, caterers or off-sites, whether in Boston or Barcelona–we go in smiling, but we mean business. Your business.

Now is the time To Plan Ahead.

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Corporate Meeting Management
Linda is very much a strategic professional meeting planner who looks at the big picture of the meeting or event and plans accordingly. She then turns her attention to the details and misses nothing! She is an excellent negotiator, is patient but firm, and did an outstanding job of dealing with a complicated, multi-party negotiation for our group that worked out to our advantage Prof. Gary Was, University of Michigan