The Climate Resilient Grid, a Forum on Energy, Climate and the Grid.

The Climate Resilient Grid: a Forum on Energy, Climate and the Grid brings together thought leaders from industry, government and academia to work side by side with climate experts. Together we explore how climate science and data can inform energy challenges related to integrating renewables into the grid. Raising the level of renewables requires efficient transmission lines and new systems of microgrids, which in turn requires climate data, analytics and environmental intelligence.

The event takes place at The Collider, a world-class innovation center in the heart downtown Asheville beginning June 14, 12noon to 6pm, and running through June 15, 8:15am to 3:45pm.

Here's What You Can Expect at this Forum

On the agenda at this event:

  • Utilities executives share their perspectives on the current state of their grid, their climate risks and vulnerabilities and the future of renewables in their portfolio.
  • Solution providers demonstrate how environmental data and intelligence has been used for asset management and load planning in a changing climate.
  • Thought leaders discuss the critical role of renewables and the right mix of energy to build an adaptive infrastructure while reducing carbon dioxide.
  • Scientific experts from NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information interact with leaders from utilities, providers, and thought leaders about their services to develop climate-science based solutions to real energy sector challenges.

The US Energy Information Agency forecasts that non-hydro renewables will rise from 2% to a total of 10% of electricity generated in 2018. Not only essential for meeting energy demand, wind, solar and hydro are cost-competitive with conventional generation per Lazard's Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis. Industries are gearing up for business in the new era, where climate and environmental intelligence is factored in the decision-making, with the grid on the frontlines.

Invited Speakers & Keynote

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald, Spire Global; Former Deputy Assistant Administrator, NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research & Director NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory

Other Speakers:

  • Dr. Ria Persad, Chief Executive Officer, Statweather
  • Dr. Stephanie Herring, American Meteorological Society Climate Services Chair, NOAA Climate Scientist and Senior Advisor

Invited speakers from industry companies include: Duke Energy, SCANA Corporation, Southern Company, National Grid, ComEd and members from the Department of Energy Partnership for Climate Resilience, NOAA, as well as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The organizers will submit for publication a summary of the key points and general proceedings.

Additional Material


Advisory Committee:

Mr. John Curry, JD., Member National Board of Environmental Defense Fund (former)

Dr. Otis Brown, North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies / NC State University

Dr. Michael Brewer, Climate Scientist and Chief Customer Services, NOAA NCEI

Mr. Phil Hanser, The Brattle Group, Lecturer at Boston University & Harvard University

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Stephanie Herring, American Meteorological Society Climate Services Committee Chair

Jenny Dissen, North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies / NC State University

Marjorie McGuirk & Doug Copenhaver, CASE Consultants International

James McMahon, CEO, The Collider