The Things We Don't Like to Talk About!

Bed Bugs - The things none us like to think about and what you should do to avoid bringing them home with you after your next trip!

It's not a subject any of like to think about let alone admit that exists but its becoming a major problem throughout the world.Bed bugs are not discriminatory and so are not based on one's social status.As a result, guests of some of the finest homes, and hotels in the world have been surprised to learn that their accommodations were infested with the tiny blood-sucking insects.While it is true that more and more lodging facilities are experiencing problems with bed bugs, in many cases, the activity is limited to the very small percentage of rooms.As a result the likelihood of staying in an establishment that has experienced bed bugs may be high, but the likelihood that your room will be infested is much lower.

Although they were virtually eradicated after WWII by the use of pesticides, during the late 1990's they began to re-emerge mainly due to the lack of public awareness which once again allowed them to multiply in numbers.

They are very secretive creatures and are great “hitch-hikers".They rely on people to transport them from one place to another using their belongings as their vehicle. So the next time you travel you may want to take some of the following precautions:

Tips Before You Leave Home

How to detect if you have a bed-bug infestation. (This also applies to your own home)

It is important to enjoy your travels!While this topic is somewhat unnerving, it is important to keep it in perspective.Bed bugs are clearly on the rise, but encountering them on your travels is still unlikely.By becoming better informed we can all reduce the likelihood of possibly bringing them into our homes.

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Submitted by Linda Nelson, CMP