Corporate Meeting Management

Contract Negotiation, Page 2

With JFK's wise words echoing in my mind, I retrieved the contract, which I had originally negotiated, and requested a sit down with the hotel's top decision maker.

When I next stood up, the contract was in its original condition; no changes were made, no charges were levied, and everyone returned home safe and sound.

Post Script: Even though the hurricane was eventually downgraded to Category 2, the result was that downtown Baltimore was flooded, and the conference hotel, and the airports were shut down. Fortunately, we made sure all our participants had vacated the day before.

Here's what the client had to say:
"I have been contracting the services of To Plan Ahead for over two years. To Plan Ahead provides excellent service and is always professional. I rely on To Plan Ahead to negotiate all aspects of the meeting contract (room rate, meals, internet services for rooms, office equipment rental, etc).

Over the past couple of years, we have unfortunately had to cancel or shorten meetings with very little notice--in one instance we were in the path of a hurricane! Linda negotiated with the hotels to minimize penalties--and in the case of the hurricane, we owed nothing! I wouldn't dream of doing business any other way!"
Christine King, EPRI

Key Benefits of Our Contract Negotiation Services

Expertise. Over 20 years of expertise means we know how to identify and minimize risks.

Personal Approach. We work directly with you to establish the overall meeting objectives, then tailor the contract accordingly, setting up protection against unfair liabilities while meeting your goals.

Cultural Sensitivity. There are cultural nuances to negotiations. Our event planning experience in both the USA and European markets⎼including Austria, England, France, Germany, Scotland, Spain, Italy and Sweden⎼equips us with a deep understanding of how to approach the bargaining table with respect for proper protocol.