On-Site Management

Skilled On-Site Event Management

Talented meeting and conference planners are octopi in disguise. You may think we jest, but it's true. Just watch us in action the next time we're on-site managing your meeting, conference, or event. We're the ones who notice the wilted hydrangea centerpiece and race to the back room to fetch a fresh one. (Yes, of course, we have extras.) And we do this while toggling between several different conversations:

"As I was saying, please unleash the dry ice the moment the CEO takes the stage—BEEP—Hold please. Hello? Thanks for calling back. Did you receive the last-minute requests for the vegan, lactose- and gluten-free meals? Good. What are our options?—BEEP—Hold please."

Now you can picture the tentacles.

Meticulous Planning & Backup Plans

Even after meticulous planning for all eventualities, things can happen in the moment. And that's okay. As experienced event planners, we have a cache of contingency plans. We have an ear for sound checks: crackly microphone? Replace it. And we have a talent for thinking ahead: how many hours are left on the LCD projector before the bulb blows? Supply backup batteries.

Fire, hurricane, or a health emergency? We know what to do. Our staff is trained in crisis management, which includes knowing how to identify potential safety issues before they become hazards. And did we mention the extra eyes in the back of our heads? That's right; we have those, too.

20 Years of Experience

Experienced planners have an additional edge. After 20 years in the business, our event managers know which hotels, conference centers, audio-visual companies, and caterers will go that extra mile for us—which, by extension, means you. You can rest easy when TPA is on-site managing your meeting, conference, or special event. All the right pieces will be in the right place at the right time. We'll have our tentacles on the pulse of your program.

Linda In Action

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