Meeting consulting

Meeting consulting Services

We at To Plan Ahead have managed hundred's of conferences, corporate meetings, business events, and company retreats. 
If you’ve ever had things go wrong at one of your meetings or you don’t know where to start, let us guide you through the process. 

Food Planning

Planning & Execution

If you have ever thrown a party, then you know about the fancy footwork needed in both the planning and execution stages. There are multiple lists and lots of running around, and there are many not-too-small details, such as your guests' special dietary needs and their red wine spills.

Now, imagine that party as a corporate meeting or conference. Throw C-suite into the mix, along with speakers and stages, boardrooms and ballrooms, and microphones that don't work. You also have to arrange flight scheduling and accommodations. And don't forget your monetary investment and your company's reputation hanging in the balance.

TPA creates order out of chaos and makes you look good. Our niche expertise is in the high tech industries, along with the electric power, renewable energy, engineering, and academia.  We understand the unique requirements and complexities of these industries. We also address the needs of your attendees, whether they are scientists, engineers, educators, healthcare workers, utility professionals, or regulators.

Your Next Step

Give TPA a call or send an email. We'll set up an interview with you to better understand your organization, your event, 
and your desired outcomes.

We sit down together to uncover your goals and objectives. What's your overarching message? What are the learning takeaways? Which format will work best with your attendees: an intimate conversation, an interactive session, or a podium presentation? Perhaps it's something else entirely. Format options are many, and choosing the right one will make the impression you want. We help ensure it's a good one.